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Ensuring Quality In Your Poulan Pro Chain Saw Replacement Parts

Poulan Pro Part

A chain saw is a substantial investment, and once you make the choice for yourself, whether it is electric or gas, Husqvarna or Poulan (or another great brand), it becomes an important part of what you do in your own yard or at work if you are one of the many outdoor lawn, garden, or forestry industries. When you must find quality Poulan Pro chain saw parts or important pieces for Craftsman chain saw repair, it is important to know where to look to ensure quality and value with each necessary purchase.

Poulan Pro Chainsaw

Poulan Pro Gas Chain Saw Carrying Case

One of the best ways to keep your chain saw in great working order and free of debris is to store it in a carrying case that was designed to hold and protect your particular model. The Poulan Pro Gas Chain Saw Carrying Case, found at amazon.com, is made to carry a 18-inch or 20-inch Poulan Pro gas model. It measures 22.1 inches by 15.9 inches by 14.5 inches, and it may be one of the most important and effective accessories you will ever buy for your chain saw. By keeping it protected, you can extend the life of the parts and will find that you need to purchase fewer replacement products. You can purchase this case for $29.99.

Poulan Craftsman Air Filter

Both new and used eBay chainsaw parts are available at excellent prices. At ebay.com, you will find a wide range of items, including Stihl chainsaw replacement chains, Tanaka chainsaw parts, and Poulan Pro chain saw parts. The inventory changes often at eBay, so it is wise to check back periodically. Right now, you can find a Poulan Craftsman air filter, offered by Randy’s Engine Repair, through ebay.com. You can purchase this important item for $7.99, with an estimated shipping charge of $2.67.

Briggs And Stratton Air Filter/Carburetor Kit

At superxpower.com, you can find quality parts from manufacturers like Briggs Stratton and Kohler, including an air filter, carburetor kit and gasket set from Briggs Stratton. This is item number 02132-0010-E1. You can purchase the entire kit or find just the parts you need. For example, you can purchase just the carburetor for $52.70, or you can find smaller parts like carburetor nuts for $3.10 each. Poulan Pro chain saws are not the only tools served at this site. You can also purchase general equipment, as well as Echo hedge trimmer parts, Homelite Mighty Lite 26Ss parts, and more. A limited warranty is included with this purchase.

Poulan Fuel Line

At jackssmallengines.com, you can find an extensive selection of engine parts, filters, and motors for a variety of different chainsaws, mowers, snow blowers, and other outdoor power tools. You can find Toro chainsaw parts and accessories, Troy Bilt chainsaw parts, and parts and supplies for your Poulan Pro chain saw. A new fuel line, for example, that fits all gas chain saw models from Poulan and also some Poulan weedeaters and string trimmers, is available for the low price of $4.50. It is 25 inches long and part number 120870. This is just one of the many parts and accessories they have available. Take the time to leaf through the site to see what else they sell that could make your life a little easier.

Oregon PowerSharp Starter Kit

Oregon is a manufacturer that makes parts and accessories to fit name brands such as McCulloch and Stihl, including Poulan. At discountonlineparts.com, you will find the Oregon PowerSharp Starter Kit. While having a quality fuel pump and functioning primer are imperative for a smoothly running chainsaw, if you do not have a clean, quality starter, your chain saw is virtually worthless. This kit is designed for just this purpose. It fits multiple models of Poulan chain saws, as well as several other brands as well. You can purchase this kit for $68.74. This is only one product available at this site; it is also an excellent resource for sprockets, bars, and clutch assemblies.

Replacement Gas Cap

Sometimes the parts you need are not apparently monumental. However, if your chain saw is missing a fuel filter or a gas cap, you need to know where you can go to buy or order the right part for your saw. At repairclinic.com, you can find specialized pieces and parts for your Poulan Pro chain saw, like item number 1982051, a replacement gas cap for gas powered chain saws from Poulan. You can purchase this product for $4.45.

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Posted 2152 days ago
I have learned the hard way that it is important to have an extra chain always available. When mine broke at a crucial point it took a few days to replace the chain and finish the job.
Posted 2159 days ago
What a great way to get everything you need for your chainsaw, all in one place. Just go online and find the saw you have and you will find everything that is needed in one place.
Posted 2165 days ago
When we got a new fireplace and we did not realize the cost of firewood, so we went out and bought a Poulan-Pro so we could cut our own. We realize that we also needed the accessories.
Posted 2170 days ago
I was in the middle of a big project and my chain broke on the chainsaw. I needed one fast as I was on a deadline; by looking online I was able to get back to work.
Posted 2179 days ago
It is not only important to look at the part and its warranty especially if it is used or discounted it is also important to look at the shipping costs. Buying online must include reasonable shipping.

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