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Get More From Your Chainsaw With Quality Remington Chainsaw Replacement Parts

Remington Replacement Parts

Remington chainsaws are known to be durable, reliable, and great for those I need of personal or commercial uses from their outdoor power tools. When the time comes to purchase new parts and accessories for your Remington chainsaw, it is important to remember that by using Remington chainsaw replacement parts, made for your Remington saw, you will be ensuring years of future use and reliability from your model.

Remington Chainsaws

Oregon 8-inch Micro Lite Chain

Some brands, like Oregon, make replacement parts for electric and gas chainsaws and design them to fit specific products from certain manufacturers. For example, the Oregon 8-inch Micro Lite Chain, found at amazon.com, is made to be interchangeable with Poulan Pro chain saw parts and Remington chainsaw replacement parts. It is made to fit polesaws from these two big names. Oregon products are designed to be somewhat universal so that no matter what chainsaw you own, you will find the right parts when you shop for Oregon. This chain is priced at $10.21.

Oregon Replacement 14-Inch Bar

One of the most reliable retailers, known for their quality service and excellent prices is Sears. You can shop in stores or online at sears.com; here you will find the Oregon Replacement 14-inch Bar, made for Remington chainsaw model 1415A. This is a durable item that will help you care for home lawn and garden, or support your career in lawn and tree care. You can purchase this product, item number SPM34306857301, sells for $14.54. Oregon replacement parts consistently and reliably work with the brands for which they are made.

Remington Chainsaw Replacement Parts Sprocket Gear

You can find exactly what you need and skip standing in line by shopping online through distributors such as partsfor.com. They provide many of the necessary parts and equipment for the complete maintenance of your chainsaw, like the Remington Chainsaw Replacement Parts Sprocket Gear, which is part number 107713-01. This piece sells for $7.98, which is indicative of the extremely reasonable prices at or near wholesale you will find here, at or near wholesale. As experts in the care of chainsaw parts and performance, they can provide you with information as well as products, to help you get the best possible use from your machines.

Oregon 15-Inch Chainsaw Chain

Of course, you have probably already learned to depend on Home Depot for many of your hardware and equipment needs. It is a universal “go to” name for mowers, power tools, hardware, and so on. It is also a great resource for chainsaw parts replacements like the 15-inch chainsaw chain from Oregon. This item is available online at homedepot.com, or you can avoid paying shipping by shopping in the store. The model number is S56H, and this product sells for $18.97. This chain can be used for certain models of Remington chainsaws, but also for Some Craftsman chain saw repair needs as well as others.

Remington Chainsaw Bar

A great way to get the best value for your money is to take the time to look at the collection of Ebay chainsaw parts. Ebay.com is not just a clearing house for used garage sale-type merchandise. Many small retailers sell their new and refurbished merchandise through ebay.com. For example, you can find the Remington 8sb 8-inch chainsaw bar, designed to fit certain Remington electric polesaws. It is brand new, and is model number 104302-01. You can purchase this item for $14.75. Because the stock and sellers change often at ebay.com, it is best to check back often for current sales. This is also a great place to look for manuals and other supporting materials you may need.

Replacement Parts For The Remington Electric Chainsaw

Whether you need a tiller, a snow blower, or parts for your chainsaw, searspartsdirect.com is always an excellent resource. Here you will find a diagram of a Remington electric chainsaw and a list of all the inclusive parts, along with prices for each of the parts. For example, you can purchase a handle guard, product number 731-07267, for $4.38, or you might need a new sprocket gear, product number 717-07479, which is priced at $8.12. The parts are labeled for easy identification, and the list is clearly spelled out so you can purchase exactly the parts that you need.

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The Gas Chainsaw Has Come a Long Way

By Reggie Fox
The gas chainsaw is a portable mechanical, motorized saw. It's most common use is logging, such as felling and delimbing trees. Other uses are storm cleanup, pruning small trees, cutting firewood, used by firefighters for containing wildfires, construction crews, and specially designed blades have been developed as tools for chainsaw art. Gas chainsaws usually have two sources of lubrication. The two stroke engine contains 2 - 5% oil which is mixed and dissolves with the fuel.

Buying a Chainsaw and Safety Tips

By Max Dixon
A chainsaw is an important power tool for many homeowners, farmers, forestry workers and those in property or landscape management business. There are many types and sizes of chainsaws. This article will discuss information regarding buying your first chainsaw and operating it safely.

Stihl 200 Chainsaw - The Right Saw for The Job

By Joanna Anderson
Are you looking for the best chainsaw for cutting trees? There are several stores out there in the market and also through internet that sells chainsaws. The Stihl 200 chainsaw is a high quality chainsaw at a very affordable price. It is produced by Stihl Company which is one of the biggest producers of trimmer and chainsaw. The main use of a chainsaw is to cut down large trees and other large obstacles that may hinder the roads or the cable wires.

Chainsaw Carving - Bringing the Wood to Life

By Darrell Branan
Fairs are full of exhibits and one of the exhibits that may have been seen first hand was chainsaw carving. Years of carving and piles of sawdust to get to where they are today. After one has been chainsaw carving and getting more experience with each piece, they too will learn how to skilfully bring the wood to life.

Chainsaw Sharpener - Keep it Sharp, Make it Last

By Karl Greskee
If you use your chainsaw often for things like cutting down trees, then you are likely need of a chainsaw sharpener. Just like with any other type of blade on a saw, the blades on a chainsaw need to be sharpened every so often to continue to cut effectively.