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Sears Leaf Blowers Offer Quality And Versatility

Leaf Blowers From Sears

Sears is a global name for quality and value when it comes to indoor household appliances, home improvement supplies, and lawn and garden equipment. Therefore, if you are shopping for leaf blowers, you cannot go wrong when considering Sears leaf blowers. Sears has their own brands, and they handle the best in other name brands as well. From the retailer with an international reputation for great deals in clothing, hardware, and even optical needs, comes the best in reliable, durable leaf blowers. The best leaf blower for you can likely be found in a Sears store or at sears.com.

Leaf Blowers Sample

Craftsman 12-Amp Electric Blower And Vacuum

The Craftsman 12-amp electric blower and vacuum is a product that comes from Sears’ own manufacturer. This handheld item offers the function of blowing leaves for easy pick-up or vacuuming the leaves to be stored away later. It comes out of the box ready to use and requires to tools for assembly. You can order it online or purchase it in the store, if you wish to avoid shipping costs. You can find this product at sears.com. It is item number 07174899000 and sells for $49.99.

Black & Decker LeafHog

Also sold at sears.com is the Black & Decker LeafHog High Performance Blower and Vacuum. This is part Sears item number SPM2697295102 and sells for $78.39.The 12-amp electric motor offers a blowing speed of 240 mph, which gives you the power you need to blow small and large leaves, even when they are damp or piled high. The mulching function on this model is one of the biggest added benefits of choosing this particular product. It is sold online and in stores.

Makita Commercial Grade Blower And Vacuum

While you could shop for your leaf blower and purchase it from a variety of distributors, Sears is known not only for their great deals but also for providing excellent services after the sale. Therefore, if you are looking at the Makita UB1101 Commercial Grade Blower and Vacuum, it is wise to do so as a customer at sears.com. This is a heavy duty tool that will serve you well personally and professionally; it features a 5.5-amp engine and a blowing speed of 114 mph. It is sears item number SPM6434822002 and sells for $323.98. You can purchase it in cash if shopping in stores, or you can use a major credit card or Sears charge.

Dirt Devil Electric Leaf Blower and Vacuum

The Dirt Devil electric leaf blower and vacuum is a corded tool, and while this can be limiting, it also offers unlimited run time, because it will never lose a charge. You can control the your sd, up to 200 mph, so you can work well in small spaces and large ones as well. As a Sears costumer, you can enjoy the benefits of the “Shop Your Way” rewards program, which will provide you with even more savings on future purchases. It is Sears item number SPM642566002 and sells for the price of $115.50. As with many other Sears products, it can be purchased through their online marketplace at sears.com or in the store.

Yard-Man Blower And Vacuum

Available online only, the Yard-Man 31cc 2-cycle Blower and Vacuum has received excellent review from current owners. This type of leaf blower provides up to a 10:1 mulching ratio, meaning that you can bag far more leaves in a much smaller space. It comes fully assembled with a 2-year warranty on all parts and a user’s guide for your convenience and safety. This is a gas powered blower with up to a165 mph blowing speed for convenient and controlled leaf removal. It is Sears item number 07179414000 and is sold for $139.99.

Workx TriVac All-In One Electric Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum

Regardless of the status and condition of your lawn, you can clean it up quickly and efficiently with the help of the Workx TriVac. You can switch functions with the simple flip of a switch, and it blows debris at a rate of up to 210 mph. Sears is as reliable as a shipper as they are as a retailer, and your order will be promptly filled and sent so you can take care of the leaves and your debris quickly and completely. This is Sears item number SOM6080061901 and sells for $174.95.

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Posted 1888 days ago
I am in the landscaping business and the leaf blower is one of most important tools. Finding the most efficient blower that will get the job is what it takes to make money at this business.
Posted 1894 days ago
When we bought the new leaf blower I thought we would only use it for leaves but I can clear, especially after a windy day, the patio and walkways, as well as the leaves on the grass.
Posted 1899 days ago
I use to go out and rake up leaves and it seemed like I could never get ahead of them, but my kids surprised me with a new leaf blower and I could not be happier.
Posted 1905 days ago
When my leaf blower died I knew that I needed to replace it so I went online and found out the different brands available. It was an easy search and now I am back in business.
Posted 1913 days ago
I just love my new leaf blower, I was not sure that it would be beneficial to me but after this fall I had to ask myself what took so long for me to get one.

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