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Quality Spear And Jackson Chainsaw Parts Lengthen The Life Of Your Saw

Spear And Jackson

Whether you are handy around the house and enjoy taking care of your own lawn, garden, and trees, or you are a professional landscaper or tree trimmer, your Spear and Jackson chainsaw is an important part of the work you do and deserves careful attention to its maintenance and care. With the proper attention, your chainsaw can keep its drive and power for years to come. When the need arises for replacement parts, it is imperative that you use quality parts and accessories that were made to fit your particular chainsaw model.

Parts From Spear & Jackson

Oregon MultiCut Chain

If you use your chainsaw regularly, you will eventually have to replace the chain. At newsawchains.co.uk, you will find a variety of chainsaw chains to fit Stihl, Echo, and Spear and Jackson chainsaws, as well as Strimmer brushcutters. You can find Oregon chains to fit a variety of Spear and Jackson models. Oregon products are reliable, high quality parts that have been designed to fit a number of different chainsaws, including Stihl, Husqvarna, and Spear and Jackson. The Oregon MultiCut chain, made to fit Spear and Jackson model number SPJCS38, is a standard chassis chain that is plated in extra heavy duty chrome. It is available at the price of £16.20.

Spear And Jackson Chain Bar

At gr8spares.co.uk, you will find a variety of parts and accessories for your Spear and Jackson chainsaw. Specializing in spares for your mower, power trimmer, chainsaw, and hedge trimmers, this online store sells a virtually everything you could need to keep your power tools working. You can shop here for a multi tool chain bar for your Spear and Jackson chainsaw. It is designed to be compatible with model number SBC33N3 and it sells for £20.00. You can also find parts for sale for Qualcast and Workx tools and more.

MultiSpec 2 Cycle Oil

When using your Spear and Jackson chainsaw, it will need certain supplies to operate properly. One of these is the right oil. You can purchase MultiSpec 2 cycle oil in a 500 milliliter container at sawchain.co.uk. This oil is made specifically for chainsaws and other industrial garden tools. You can use it for your Black and Decker, Einhall, Bosch, Honda, or a number of other brands that operate on 2 cycle engines and you will enjoy excellent results. It sells for £5.99 per bottle with free shipping.

Recoil Starter Assembly

Another great resource for replacement parts for Spear and Jackson chainsaws is solenttools.co.uk. Here you can find new blades for your mower, drive belts, carbon brushes, and whatever you may need to maintain your power tools, and at great prices too. For example, you can purchase a PP38TT Recoil Starter Assembly for your Spear and Jackson chainsaw. There are several models available. This one sells for £23.44. If you shop here for the parts you need, you will save money on those items you need to take care of your home and property.

Chainsaw Chains

A popular resource for new chains for Spear and Jackson chainsaw parts is gardenhirespares.com. Here you can find chains for chainsaws from other manufacturers as well, including Ryobi and Bosch. A chainsaw chain that is suitable for an 18-inch bar sells for £11.80 for a pack of two. Each chain features a 1.3 millimeter gauge, and a 72 link chain. It is important to remember that it is the number of links that indicates the size of the chain you need, and not the length of the chain.

If your Spear and Jackson chainsaw did not come with a chain bar protector, or if you have lost yours, you are risking damage and loss of effectiveness if you do not replace it. You should be storing your chainsaw in a case made specifically for your model or protecting the bar and chain with a chain bar protector. The Spear and Jackson 37CC Chain Bar Protector is sold at gr8spares.co.uk, and is made to work with model number SCS350. It is product code 20097-708 and it sells for £7.00. Among all of the items and accessories you purchase for your chainsaw, this may be one of the most important because it will extend the life of your chainsaw and decrease the number of times you must replace or even sharpen your chain.

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Know the Chainsaw, Then Put It to Work

By Jeremy P Stanfords
A chainsaw is a helpful tool for such jobs as trimming or felling trees. This is a useful tool. The person using a chainsaw must not be afraid of this tool, but should follow all manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines. The user needs to master and use it with caution and ordinary good sense. It is easier for a new chainsaw operator to use both hands on this tool. It may be light in weight enough to operate with one hand, but a beginner should use two hands.

Left Handed Chainsaw

By Ian Pennington
Chainsaws are commonly used for cutting down trees and cutting limbs off of trees. Many times chainsaws are made for individuals that are right handed but if you are left handed and are looking to purchase a chainsaw then you should not worry. We tell you this because there is also a left handed chainsaw.